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Pest Cemetery is a leading exterminator in the Lutz area specializing in bed bugs, termites, and complete residential and commercial pest control solutions. Pest Cemetery's service not only clears out the creepy-crawlers - it guarantees they won't return. We underscore the 'control' in pest control by taking all the necessary steps to ensure your home features the same safe, warm, and welcoming environment we want for our own home. We're more than bug exterminators, we're family!

Whether you have a single family home, apartment complex, multi-family home, hotel, retail establishment, or commercial building, we'll provide pest control solution that is safe for kids and pets. At Pest Cemetery, we get to the bottom of your infestation problem, getting rid of the pests you can see and preventing new ones from getting in. Our service is 100% guaranteed to work. If your pests come back, just give us a call. We'll come out, reinspect, and provide another treatment. At Pest Cemetery, pests rest in peace so you can have peace of mind.

Why Isn't Your DIY Pest Control Working?

There are several reasons why retail sprays, traps, foggers, and baits don't work; it's usually that the homeowner has underestimated the issue. If you spot one stray mouse, termite, or a couple of ants, it's not a random visit. It's usually a sign that the pest has chosen your home to take up residence and more are hiding - waiting for a safe time to come out, and they are clever!

Rodents and insects have a keen sense of smell. They can smell your bait or trap and will avoid it at all costs. Sprays work for a minute, they knock out the spiders or ants you can see. But without blocking the entry point, a new batch will eventually find their way in.

Emergency Pest Control Services in Lutz, FL

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The longer you wait for pest services, the harder it is to control an infestation. Our team is ready to spring into action at any moment, addressing the pests before they can spread beyond control. Whether you are facing bed bugs, fleas, water bugs, carpenter ants, mosquitos, cockroaches, or Palmetto bugs, we won't hesitate to drive them out. Our residential services include:

  • Free inspection and estimates
  • Guarantee included with service (return visits for covered pests in between regular visits is NO CHARGE)
  • Quarterly maintenance service but monthly, every-other-month and yearly/annual are also available to fit the needs of the customer

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As effective as our services are, they are only half the battle. To prevent pests from being attractive to your home, we recommend you:

  • Clear away standing water
  • Clean drink stains, crumbs, and food debris immediately
  • Seal your food in secure containers
  • Keep your trash bins closed at all times
  • Empty your grocery bags in the garage or outdoors

For business owners, we offer services for a variety of commercial properties, from apartments and hotels to retail spaces - we do it all! Your business is a reflection of you, so when there's a pest infestation, it's important to stop those pesky critters right in their tracks. Our goal is to keep your community safe from pest infestations and your property safe from damage caused by nesting. Our team will define the source of the infestation, seal all points of entry, and we will tailor a plan specified to your property's needs.

Lutz's Expert Termite Treatment Solutions

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Termites thrive in dark, damp spaces. Before you know it, even a small termite infestation can quickly erode the structure of a house. There are several termite treatment options; however, termite prevention is also important!

Florida homeowners should have yearly termite inspections in addition to a termite maintenance package to ensure your home is protected against these destructive pests. For the best protection against termites, call Tampa Pest Cemetery for a professional inspection and treatment package.

Our Termite Services Include:

  • FREE termite inspections
  • Tent fumigation
  • Drywood termite SPOT treatments
  • Subterranean termite baiting
  • Subterranean termite chemical barrier

DIY termite treatments vary in strength and their ability to last through Florida's rainy weather conditions. The professionals at Pest Cemetery can identify if you have a termite problem, what kind of termite you have, and offer a specific treatment to exterminate the termites and prevent a new batch from coming in.

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Florida's hot, wet climate makes it easy for pests to breed and thrive, but with the right combination of technology and foresight, you can keep them at bay. For more information or to schedule service, contact Pest Cemetery today!

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