Effective Mice Control Solutions in Tampa, FL

Mice Control Services Tampa FL - Pest Cemetery - mice

Pest Cemetery is a premier pest control company providing expert mouse, rat, and wildlife removal solutions in the Tampa area. We take pest control seriously and go the extra mile to ensure we address all the dark and creepy spaces bugs and rodents like to hide in. When we say we provide a thorough inspection of your premises before we recommend a treatment plan, we really mean it.

At Pest Cemetery, we get to the bottom of your infestation problem, getting rid of the pests you can see and preventing new ones from getting in. We provide multiple lines of defense that work together to protect your home safely, and we provide a 100% guarantee on our services. Whether you have a single family home, apartment complex, multi-family home, hotel, retail establishment, or commercial building, we'll provide a rodent control solution that is safe for kids and pets.

Why Won't My Rodent Traps Work?

There are several reasons why retail sprays, traps, foggers, and baits don't work; it's usually that the homeowner has underestimated the issue. If you spot one stray mouse or rat, it's usually a sign that they have chosen your home to take up residents and more are hiding. Rodents are clever and have a keen sense of smell. They can smell your bait or trap and will avoid it at all costs. At Pest Cemetery, we get to the bottom of your infestation problem, getting rid of the pests you can see and preventing new ones from getting in.

Effective Mice Control & Wildlife Removal Solutions in Tampa, FL

Mice Control Services Tampa FL - Pest Cemetery - rats

Not only do rats, mice, and opossums spread disease and harm our pets, but their hair can cause allergic reactions, further harming the health of your family and guests. At Pest Cemetery, our team keeps these animals out of your house, ensuring maximal health and hygiene for all residents. The fewer homes there are that harbor rodents, the fewer opportunities there will be for an infestation to spread.

The Pest Cemetery team is committed to keeping the entire Tampa Bay area rodent-free! We provide free inspections to all local homeowners, determining the type and degree of infestation as well as the most effective methods to stop it. After that, we quickly eliminate the threat. Our wildlife services include:

  • Trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife in residential homes
  • Basic exclusions

Whereas most wildlife control companies focus on rodent extermination, we do everything in our power to drive away the animals without killing them. This does not come at the expense of your family's safety. We determine any potential health threats from both our elimination methods and the rodents themselves and help you avoid them throughout the removal process. Once the rodents are gone, we determine how they entered your home and block those entrances so they cannot return.

Commercial Rodent Control

Pest Cemetery is your go-to exterminator for commercial rodent control services. We strive to deliver dependable services that'll help you maintain a safe and healthy business environment for everyone involved. Whether it's a pest infestation or a wildlife problem, Pest Cemetery has the knowledge to take care of it all. Our team uses a variation of chemical and non-chemical methods to ensure our services maintain the health and safety of your business and its occupants.

What do our clients have to say about our services?

"Pest Cemetery were the most professional and courteous service business I have ever had in my home. Tim and staff were sensitive and really listened to our pest control needs, from ants to termite fears. We were given an excellent education so that we could make the best decision for our home, property and pets. We are ant, termite and rodent free!! I recommend them highly for prompt, courteous, and affordable service." Cindy F.
"We used Pest Cemetery's service when we had an awful odor seeping up through our kitchen cabinets! (Triple rotten YUCK!!!!) Tim crawled under our entire home to fully inspect the activity of the possum family that had moved in. He not only removed the dead possum but also identified the only possible entrance point for the possums, so that we could repair it and ensure they do not return. We were charged a lot less than we expected for someone to spend an hour crawling around under our house and we are so appreciative of their many years of experience and professionalism in the industry!" Marti B.

Florida's hot, wet climate makes it easy for pests to breed and thrive, but with the right combination of technology and foresight, you can keep them at bay. For more information or to schedule service, contact Pest Cemetery today!

We’re Killin’ It with Our Clients!
Very professional, excellent knowledge and customer service and they get RESULTS!!! Highly recommend!!! Cindy Fawkes
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